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Multigenerational Vacation With Your Family? Here's Why a Cruise May Be The Way To Go.

Multigenerational Vacation With Your Family? Here's Why a Cruise May Be The Way To Go.

by Sara Jane Crane

A new kind of family vacation is on the rise — one that involves the extended family packing their bags for a trip together. Bringing along Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Moms and Dads and all the kids can make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience but can also be very challenging to coordinate.

Cruising can eliminate many of the downsides that come along with planning and taking a large group trip.

Here are nine reasons why a multi-generational cruise vacation for your family is the way to go.

1. Take the stress off of you.

On a multigenerational vacation, someone in the family often takes on the role of planner — a cruise director, if you will. Hundreds of phone calls and emails from your family over the long period of planning is something that you definitely don't want on your plate. Let our Travel Advisors handle the logistics, from arranging flights and coordinating staterooms to the planning of activities, making dinner and show reservations, figuring out transportation and everything else you'll need to make your family's experience enjoyable and stress free.

celebrity cruise caribbean beach family med.jpg

Photo courtesy Celebrity Cruises

2. One price, a lot of value.

The cruise lines are always running a variety of promotions. It can be overwhelming to determine which one is the best value for your family. Perks like free upgrades, onboard credits and free 3rd and 4th passengers are just a few of the special limited time offers available.

Money can often be the biggest stress point on a trip with multiple families. Cruising makes it much easier to stick to a set budget since most elements of your vacation are already included in the price: travel, accommodations, meals, entertainment, gratuities and taxes.

For bigger families that will book multiple staterooms, our Travel Advisors will look into special group pricing which could qualify for additional discounts.

royal-loft-suite-with-balcony lg.jpg

The Royal Loft Suite with Royal Caribbean Cruises

3. A room for you and you and you …

Someone in your group has a 5-star budget and someone else has a 3-star budget. How do you meet in the middle, keep the group together and keep everyone happy?

On a cruise, everyone can pick their staterooms based on their own budget. It’s not an all or nothing scenario and saving on the cabin doesn’t mean you’ll skimp on the experience. There’s still plenty of amenities — pools, restaurants, spa and so on — traveling with you on the ship.

Members of the family that want to spend less can choose an inside stateroom. Modest budgets might select an oceanview or balcony cabin. Those who want a luxury experience can have that without forcing that expense on the rest of the group.

4. Family-friendly perks like Kids Sail Free.

Larger groups can mean more savings for everyone. Cruise lines will often offer discounted prices for kids and additional passengers.

Planning ahead is important if you want this perk. These offers often sell out closer to the sail date, especially if you are planning your vacation during spring break or summer vacation. Don’t wait if you want to score this perk.

5. Staterooms specifically designed for families.

The newest ships are now designed specifically to accomodate large families. Many staterooms are now connected and can be opened up to make larger family suites that will accommodate up to 10 guests.

When all this family time becomes too much you can go hang out by the pool, take a fitness class or go to a show. It sure beats hanging out in a cramped hotel room or hotel lobby.

RCI_HM_aqua_theater_family 700.jpg

A family enjoys the Aqua Theater on the new Harmony of the Seas. Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean Cruises

6. You don’t all have to do the same thing every day.

It’s tough to keep everyone happy all the time on bigger family trips. Someone usually doesn’t want to do whatever the rest of the group does. With a cruise, everyone in the group can choose to do different shore excursions and activities based on their interests. New ports every day mean new opportunities, experiences and excursions from which to choose. One day, the grandparents may take the kids to swim with dolphins. The next, there might be a mini girls shopping day on Grand Cayman Island. The day after that, everyone might go for a tour of Mayan ruins in Mexico.


Photo courtesy Disney Cruise Line

7. There’s so much to do on board.

Cruise vacations aren’t a one-trick pony. Even with seven days on board, you might not get to it all. If you find yourself at a port you don’t want to explore, stay on board while everyone else is off the ship and you’ll have the place to yourself. Check out the onboard shops or perhaps grab a signature cocktail or two.

NCL-spa lg.jpg

Photo courtesy Norwegian Cruise Line

8. Cruises will keep the kids busy, which means more vacation for the adults.

On a cruise ship, there are plenty of activities that are designed specifically for children and teens. It could be cooking classes, scavenger hunts, teen nightclubs or dining at kids-only restaurants. This means that parents can enjoy some free time on their own, knowing that their children are in a safe environment.

9. You’ll finish the trip with a boatload of memories.

The reason multi-generational travel is on the rise is the chance to make memories as a family. A cruise vacation offers many opportunities for this to happen. Your larger family can meet for dinner every night and compare notes on what they did that day. At the end of the trip, you’ll be reliving your bamboo rafting adventure in Jamaica, the Sea Turtle Farm visit in the Cayman Islands or the fun Broadway-style show you all saw the night before.


Contact an Acendas Travel Advisor today to plan your next multigenerational vacation!