Princess Gives New Meaning to OCEAN Cruising

30 Jun 2017

by Sara Jane Crane  —

Recently, Princess Cruises began offering a unique experience to travelers through its OCEAN Medallion program.

OCEAN, is the acronym for One Cruise Experience Access Network, and it is all about connecting guests to a more amazing travel experience. All who travel on any Ocean Medallion equipped ship will receive the Ocean Medallion, a free device that can be worn and contains your unique encrypted identity. The medallion connects with sensors throughout the ship, on your personal devices and on your stateroom televisions to share your preferences with the crew so it can better serve you.

The Ocean Medallion can be used as much or little as you desire. You can make payments, unlock your stateroom door, create easier access, enable access to entertainment and more. Imagine walking up to the bar and being served your favorite drink before you utter a word!

The network also features the Ocean Compass. This is a digital portal for which you build a profile. Based on this profile, you will receive messages to personalize your itineraries and activities. You can respond to the messages and invitations at your leisure, accessing your portal through a smartphone, ipad, laptop computer, stateroom televisions, or terminals throughout the ship. From there, you can receive information on the weather, the day’s events, upcoming activities and more.

The Ocean Medallion being worn as a bracelet
Using Compass allows you to receive information and entertainment at the venue of your choice. Live entertainment and other forms of media can be enjoyed from the comfort of your stateroom. You can order food, beverages and other items from any place on the ship, and serves as a means to communicate with your travel party, wherever they are on the ship. OCEAN medallion technology is all about making your travel experience the best it can be through personalization.

Compass will also allow you to access photos of memorable moments during and after your trip. Because the information is encrypted only you know your password, information is not shared with anyone else. And while the OCEAN medallion experience is truly special, it is not mandatory that you use it. You can opt out of the technology at anytime.

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