10 Reasons to LOVE Cruising

25 Jan 2016

Will it be able to meet the needs of the rest of your family? What if you tend to get sea sick? Those are all valid and very frequently asked questions. Determining the perfect cruise for you and your family is something best left to you and your Travel Advisor. However, there are many reasons to love cruising and we’ve compiled a few of our favorites.

1.) So Much to Sea…

There are so many fabulous places you can travel on a cruise ship. Sure, you probably hear about Caribbean cruises the most and they are just as relaxing and beachy as you’ve imagined. Yet, there are hundreds of other places you can visit via the open seas. There’s Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Egypt, Hawaii, Russia, Asia, and South America just to name a few. Cruising is an experience entirely its own. Each day you wake up in a new part of the world that’s waiting for you to explore.

2.) Unpack Once and Forget It!

One of the most challenging parts of travel is handling the logistics. Cruising makes a luxurious adventure out of logistics. Case and point: you can unpack your bags one time and the rest of your trip is spent watching the ship break through the waves as you depart one destination and head towards the next. You don’t have to worry about packing up and lugging your bags out of one hotel to lift them onto a plane, train, or automobile until you get to the next hotel, only to start all over again. Instead, you can watch the sunset as you pull out of the port while sipping a cocktail before you prepare for a lovely dinner of your choosing.

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3.) Big Bang For Your Buck

A benefit of cruising is the ease of paying one price for nearly everything. When you book your cruise you’re also booking your meals, your entertainment and your room. On most cruise lines, you can now even book your alcohol package of choice, soda packages, and even your flights. When you break it down, a hotel room, dinner at a nice restaurant, a Broadway style show, and drinks will likely cost a lot more than the cost per night on the cruise ship.

4.) Something For Everyone

Cruise ships are designed to be floating cities. The cruise lines work hard to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have a fun-filled day at sea. From water slides to kid-friendly splash zones and camps, to bingo, adult-only pools and more there is something for everyone. You’ll receive a newsletter every evening that will inform you of everything going on the next day. The problem won’t be what to do but how to fit in everything you want to do! Of course, if you just want to relax on your balcony and watch the water go by you can do that too! Complimentary room service will help make staying in as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

5.) Shore Excursions

Cruising makes it easy to decide what to do when you arrive in port. You can choose from a long list of shore excursions at each destination. These are planned before you ever leave your home, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy. If there is something special that you want to do at one of the ports of call, your Travel Advisor will help you through each step of the planning process to create the perfect day for you and your family.

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6.) Relax and Rejuvenate

A great vacation can’t be complete without a chance to really relax. You can count on a great spa onboard nearly every cruise ship. Choose from a traditional swedish massage or add some hot stones or even have a facial. There are dozens of services to choose from. If you’re fitness minded you’ll be impressed by the selection of workout classes available as well as a full service gym. Many ships also have basketball courts, ice skating rinks, rock climbing walls, and more to help keep you active and fit during your trip.

7.) A Food Lover’s Haven

You’ve heard by now that cruises are all-you-can-eat. Yet, we live in a time where there’s a lot of emphasis placed on quality. Most of us don’t want to eat from a buffet. We want to enjoy a well thought out dinner with the best ingredients. The cruise lines understand this and that’s why you’ll find multiple dining options on nearly every ship. Sure, when you’re out by the pool a juicy cheeseburger grilled fresh on deck might be just what the Doctor ordered! If not, there are several restaurants where you can make reservations for just about any type of food you want. The main dining room is usually open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you prefer a more formal atmosphere. Small cafes and pizzerias are staples on most ships. There are also healthy restaurants where you can dine on wonderful dishes designed with calories in mind. Gone are the days of everyone having to eat from the “buffet trough”. Now, you can be much more selective with where you eat because you have numerous options. For the most discriminating palates, be sure to ask you Travel Advisor about setting up a meal at the Chef’s Table.

8.) Earn Points… Get Privileges

Every cruise you take should count towards getting you some well-deserved perks! Most cruise lines have programs that reward loyalty. Your Travel Advisor will work with you to determine which cruise line offers the most benefits for the way you prefer to travel. You can earn access to special areas of the ship, a personal concierge and preferred status when you are a loyal cruiser. Many cruise lines have more than one brand as well. So, you won’t be stuck with just one particular brand of cruise if you choose to earn loyalty points on a brand with several lines.

9.) See More… Do More

The idea that while you’re relaxing with a glass of wine and indulging in a delicious meal you’re actually en route to your next port of call is probably one of the most exhilarating parts of cruising. While you’re sound asleep the ship is quietly sailing to the next port of call. You can wake up to breakfast on your balcony as you watch the ship pull into port. You’ve done absolutely nothing and yet, there you are! Cruising is a wonderful way to see a lot of places without exhausting yourself. Then, you can choose your favorite spot and speak to your Travel Advisor about going back for an extended stay. It’s like ordering tapas. You get a small taste of a lot of different wonderful things and then you can pick your favorite and order the whole meal the next time around.

10.) It’s Wave Season!

Wave Season means great deals for you! Currently, Acendas is offering special savings on some of the most popular cruise companies. As always, your Travel Advisor will help you choose how to get the most savings for your needs. In the meantime, here is a look at what’s waiting for you:

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By now, hopefully you’re bursting at the seams to book your first cruise vacation – or your next one. I have 36 cruises under my belt now and counting. It’s an experience unlike any other and once you’ve tried it – you’ll understand what we’re all talking about!

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