A River Cruise Through The Golden Land of Myanmar

27 Jan 2016

From its glacial origins in the soaring Himalayas, it meanders peacefully through jungle-shrouded highlands and sun-seared plains to its mangrove-dotted delta at the Andaman Sea. The country’s largest river, this “Road to Mandalay” offers you a fascinating glimpse of “The Golden Land” that is Myanmar.

The scenery can be breathtaking, cruising past traditional riverside villages, teak forests, lavish shrines, and a host of bird and animal life.

As you cruise along, each day is a tapestry of exotic flavors, captivating panoramas, and bustling river activity. From on deck, you can watch villagers go about their daily lives and then later wander through their towns to visit markets, schools and watch craftspeople create their art.

Experience Golden Myanmar

Vice-president of Acendas, Lori Raduenz, recently experienced Avalon Waterway’s “Golden Myanmar & the Alluring Irrawaddy” river cruise.

“One of the things I knew was in store for me on this trip was the unique landscape of Bagan, a UNESCO World Heritage site with the remains of Buddhist temples and pagodas dating from the 11th to 13th century covering a lush 26-square mile plain. But I was not prepared for the impact it would have on me. We arrived in Bagan at dusk and as we were driving from the airport to our ship, the Avalon Myanmar, I began to catch glimpses of these magnificent structures through the trees on either side of the road. There is only one time you see something for the first time – and as we drove that road I looked from one side to the other, amazed at the sheer number of temples, pagodas and stupas, each completely different from anything I have ever seen or even imagined. The landscape consisted of only of these – set in the midst of verdant green fields and forest. Everyone of our group was quiet as we took all of this in and had a glimpse of what we would discover up close later. The next morning we rose early and climbed one of the temples at dawn, watching the sun slide over the horizon, layering the mist on the landscape and changing the colors of the temples before our eyes. In the distance, scores of hot-air balloons punctuated the picture as they began their ascent. Not every travel experience has a moment that takes my breath away – but when it does it is etched in my brain forever.”

Learn more about this Myanmar river cruise here and view more gorgeous photos from her trip on our Myanmar Pinterest page.

Contact an Acendas Travel Advisor for assistance in planning your Asian river cruise. It is an experience that you will never forget!