Agent Feature: JoAnne Weeks

25 Jun 2018

by Jeff Bollig —


It happens more often than you would think.


Acendas Travel Advisor JoAnne Weeks will be wrapping up cruise plans for a client when she is presented with one last question: “Will you go with us?”


While the request includes a hearty chuckle, the truth is the client holds out a small kernel of hope that Weeks might just take them up on their offer. After all, as a veteran of more than 100 cruises, there isn’t anything she hasn’t experienced when on the high seas. Throw in a bubbly personality, an amazing attention to detail and an encyclopedic knowledge of cruising, the opportunity to have JoAnne Weeks as your personal travel concierge is priceless.

The Travel Planning Process

Travel planning with JoAnne is anything but transactional. If you could be a fly on the wall of her office, you would find her customers are often children or grandchildren of her clients, friends of a friend who have worked with JoAnne, a referral from a long-time client or someone who comes in off the street because they saw her extensive online profile. By the end of a conversation with JoAnne, she knows everything about you and your travel preferences. She provides cruise options to consider. And, she squeezes out extra value to make your investment one of high return.

Acendas Travel Advisor JoAnne Weeks in this short clip shares the diversity of the cruising
experience and
why there is something for everyone when you board the ship.


“Travel should be fun — and that includes when a client meets with me.,” Weeks says. “When I get together with travelers, we laugh, we share stories, we talk about dreams. I want them to be excited about their trip, even if it is six months to a year down the road. There should be no concern about the I’s being dotted or the t’s being crossed. That is my job. The morning they get up to leave for vacation I want them to feel like a kid in a candy store.”


Weeks loves cruising because of the diversity of options in terms of activities, destinations and experiences. One moment you might be lounging aside the pool reading a book, the next you might be climbing a rock wall, and later dancing the night away on the open air dance floor. Cruising can take you to the glaciers of Alaska, the islands of Greece or the seas of the South Pacific. Your cruise can be a culinary exhibition, a wine-tasting delight or an excursion to exotic locales.


“There really is a cruise for everyone,” Weeks says. “And, cruising has advanced so much in the last 10-15 years. You have WiFi, the food is excellent, the rooms are nice, the onshore excursions are wonderful and the service is first class. I’ve been on more than 100 cruises, and I do not see myself stopping anytime soon. I’m having too much fun.”

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