Travel Agent Feature: Nothing is Left to Chance

08 May 2018
by Jeff Bollig —

It’s not too much of a stretch to say JoAnn Stover has touched nearly every grain of sand on the beaches of Hawaii, Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean.

With 30 years of travel planning on her resume, there is little she hasn’t seen, especially when it comes to the destinations that offer plenty of fun and sun. How many different resorts and hotels has she visited? So many she loses track, but when pressed to name a property she hasn’t visited or is not on her schedule to see, she draws a blank.

“I love what those regions have to offer me personally. I never tire of the destinations,” Stover beams. “But, I also love what they offer from my clients. There is literally something for everyone. The diversity of activity makes for a wonderful experience. In one day, you might swim with the dolphins, relax by the pool, enjoy the native cuisine, ride the water slides, and cap off the evening with live music under the moonlight.”

Additionally, Stover is a big fan of those areas because of the value the properties offer visitors. The All-Inclusive aspect for dining, drinks, entertainment and non-motorized activities stretches the dollar, yet allows guests to be treated like royalty.

“It doesn’t matter if I am planning a honeymoon, a family vacation, a retiree getaway or an extended family reunion. I work with great partners such as Delta Vacations to design a stay that leaves people feeling relaxed and refreshed — and ready to return as soon as possible. I love it when a client gets home and within a day or two they are calling me to talk about their next trip. That makes me feel good.”

Stover also finds resorts to be a popular experience because they are continually changing to meet the needs of their guests. I am amazed every time I return to a property. There is always something new to experience. That commitment to the customer is admirable.

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