Let Your Graduate Really Experience The World

13 May 2016

You remember that feeling.

The awe of seeing something you’ve never seen before. The thrill of trying something you’ve never done before. The joy of experiencing the incredible beauty of our world.

Travel tantalizes our senses with spectacular sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and feelings. Giving the gift of travel to someone who is just coming out into the world after 12 – 16 years of dedicated studying, is to give a lifetime of cherished memories.

I’ll never forget the first time, as an 18 year old young woman, I felt the multisensory experience of standing in Picadilly Circus, London. Big red doubledecker busses streaming past, a gentle rain, a taxi horn, gigantic neon signs announcing the latest shows of the theatre district. And all of it contrasting wih Georgian era buildings and the famous memorial fountain in the center. I especially remember thinking “I am not in Kansas anymore!” and feeling so unbelievably grateful.

I’ll never forget the first time I tasted real French bread and Brie, sharing it with newly formed fellow traveler friends on a random park bench in Paris. Feeding the pidgeons, just like thousands of Parisians had done before me. Stopping for a real chocolate crepe on the steps of Mont Saint Michelle in Monmontre.

I’ll never forget standing in front of the actual statue of David by Michaeangelo and marveling at the immensity of talent required to create such a stunning piece of beauty. I remember being completely awestruck by the soaring stained glass windows in churches throughout Europe and the overwhelming solemnity of each sacred place.

Adventure, adversity, beauty, ingenuity, and triumph; all words that convey exactly what I experienced during that first summer spent in Europe. I came home a changed person. More confident. More directed. Inspired to start my big, beautiful fabulous life as a more serious human, ready to, literally, take on the world.

The gift of travel. It’s a gift that truly does keep on giving.

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