Loyal to Royal

13 Sep 2019

by Jeff Bollig —

Sometimes our perceptions do not always align with reality. 

Like those who think you cannot get a luxury cruise experience on the larger cruise lines. Travelers are conflicted because they might like a certain brand, but they are under the assumption that because of the larger sized ship, luxury must go out the window.



Luxury travel expert Ignacio Maza recently put that perception to the test when he cruised Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas. He reported that luxury accommodations and service are indeed an option through the Royal Suite Class. Royal offers a fleet of 25, but to get the luxury level service, six vessels should be considered. They include the four-ship Oasis class (Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas) and the two-ship Quantum Class (Anthem of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas).  These are the largest of the Royal line.

Maza says the Royal Suite Class differentiates itself from the other levels through customized experiences, access to restricted areas, additional privileges, larger suites, a high level of services and added value. There are three tiers to this level of service: Sea, Sky and Star. Each offers progressively more benefits. Maza says the Star level takes luxury at sea “to a new galaxy.” Large, multi-level suites are perfect for families. But the best aspect of the Star level is the presence of the Royal Genie. He describes it as “butler, navigator, host, personal assistant and super hero all rolled into one.” He says there is no other cruise line that can match this feature that “absolutely blew him away.” These genies are successful because there is a pre-trip questionnaire with a follow up meeting that occurs before you leave.

So change your perspective. If you have always heard positive aspects of Royal Caribbean, but thought the luxury aspect had to be sacrificed, think again. Prepared to be pampered by your genie.

For more on the the Royal Suite Class, watch this video: