On the Spur of the Moment

10 Aug 2020

Mark and Kayla Ecker put off an anniversary trip in January. The news of the Coronavirus made them think twice.

They thought it would only be a short delay and then they would be off to the beach for some sun and fun. But the days turned into weeks and then into months. Finally, they were ready. They needed a vacation and they needed it bad. So, in early July they pulled the trigger.

“We did our research,” Kayla said. “Our governor (Texas Gov. Greg Abbott) said he was not going to close the border, so we said ‘let’s do it.’ We reached out to Joann and she made it happen.”

Joann is Joann Stover, a veteran and knowledgeable travel advisor for Acendas Travel in the Kansas City office. A specialist in beach resorts, she had eight days to plan the Ecker’s trip.

“Having done two other trips for them, I knew their preferences and what they wanted,” Stover said.”It was a matter of finding something that met their needs and budget.”

The Ecker’s liked the package Stover suggested – Secrets Resort in Cabo San Lucas for a quick four-day getaway.

“This was the easiest travel experience we have ever had,” Kayla said. “The airport was orderly. We masked on the flight and the resort had its safety protocols. We felt safe and protected by what everyone was doing for us as travelers. We had never been to Cabo, so we really did not go on any excursions because we wanted to enjoy our time at the resort. We had gone to Cancun and Riviera Maya in the past, so this was a new experience for us. But we loved the scenery and the resort. It was an enjoyable four days.”

Ecker said masks were not required at the resort, but the staff did wear them. Shoe sanitizers were also provided as were wipes everywhere the Ecker’s went. Kayla said they brought a few wipes for the flight, but on site everything was taken care of by the resort when it came to sanitizing.

“Working with Joann was great.” Kayla said.”Having one point of contact eliminated any possibility for confusion. She had everything organized and made sure the resort would meet our needs. I was confident in working with an agent that we would have no issues.”

So, you are asking: can I take a vacation outside of the United States? The answer is yes. And for more answers, contact your professional travel advisor who can help you navigate to some outstanding values that might not last much longer.