2018 Top Travel Picks: Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold

25 Aug 2017

by Sara Jane Crane  — Here at Acendas Travel we work with a number of select travel partners in order to create the perfect experience for our clients.  Our Travel Advisors spend a great deal of time getting to know you and your vacation needs and desires.  After careful consideration and research, our advisors utilize our partnerships around the world to build complete travel packages... View Article

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Travel Insurance: Necessity or Waste of Money?

21 Aug 2017

Do I need travel insurance? The answer is: “It depends.” The concept of travel insurance is similar to that of any other insurance. It is protection against an event that would result in loss of something of value. We purchase insurance for our homes and cars because the expense of the coverage is miniscule compared to the cost of replacement. But not all insurance needs... View Article

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Take a Holiday During the Holidays

04 Aug 2017

by Sara Jane Crane  — Festive destinations to celebrate Christmas While many holidays reconnected to certain regions or religions, Christmas has become a secular event celebrated worldwide. They may not celebrate it like you do–in Finland they spend Christmas Eve at the cemetery, and in Belgium, St. Nick has a partner known as Pere Noel–but they welcome all to join in the merriment. Make this... View Article

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Norwegian Busts Out the New in Cruising

28 Jul 2017

by Sara Jane Crane  — Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a 50-year heritage, but there is nothing old or stodgy about what it offers to travelers. With some of the newest ships in the industry, Norwegian Cruise Line currently boasts the youngest fleet among major North American cruise lines. Thanks to a wide range of revolutionary features, in addition to several new spaces and interactive experiences... View Article

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Margarita cocktail drinks at sunset on the beach

Destination Spotlight: Los Cabos

25 Jul 2017

by Sara Jane Crane  — Sun-drenched beaches and unique scenery are only the preface to glamorous resort getaways, lively nights out and ocean adventures in Los Cabos, Mexico. The destination known as “Los Cabos” is actually two destinations in one. There are two “Cabo” towns: San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. These sister towns, while near one another, could not be more different.... View Article

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acendas travel app

Your Travel Plans and More in the Palm of Your Hand

18 Jul 2017

by Sara Jane Crane  — New Free Travel App for Acendas Vacations Clients Access your itinerary & travel guides with our free AXUS travel app. Every detail of your trip will be in the palm of your hand, with real time notifications, and without the need for a WiFi connection. In addition to your trip details, our AXUS travel app will provide you with in-depth travel... View Article

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Princess Cruises Ocean Medallion Class

Princess Gives New Meaning to OCEAN Cruising

30 Jun 2017

by Sara Jane Crane  — Recently, Princess Cruises began offering a unique experience to travelers through its OCEAN Medallion program. OCEAN, is the acronym for One Cruise Experience Access Network, and it is all about connecting guests to a more amazing travel experience. All who travel on any Ocean Medallion equipped ship will receive the Ocean Medallion, a free device that can be worn and... View Article

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Advisor Mollie Bechtold and family in Galapagos

Travels with Dad Led to Career for Acendas Agent Mollie Bechtold

16 Jun 2017

by Mollie Bechtold My Dad always raised me to never shy away from pursuing my passions, and thanks to him, my greatest passion has always been to travel. When I was a child, he traveled constantly for business and would bring me little trinkets from his travels. I dreamed about all the exciting places my Dad would visit and when I could see them myself.... View Article

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Avalon Waterways Turns the Table on Dining

02 May 2017

Known for its innovative, award-winning Suite Ship® design, featuring two decks of Panorama Suites with Open-Air Balconies, Avalon Waterways is also inserting creativity into every moment of the cruise experience by bringing fresh ideas to the table - quite literally - in 2017.

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