Autumn in Hawaii is Paradise for the Senses

13 Jul 2016

While Summer is the high season for tourism in Hawaii, in September, the crowds thin out and pricing on everything from hotels to airfare drops. The weather in September through November is slightly cooler than summer, experiencing pleasant daytime highs in the upper 70s instead of the mid-80s. At night, the temperatures drop by 10 degrees, creating the perfect climate for a luau or other... View Article

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Amazing Places Where Your Dollar Goes Further This Year and Next

07 Jul 2016

Canada Last year the Canadian dollar took quite a tumble. It’s slowly making a comeback, but still hovers at a bargain 77 cents to the US dollar, effectively marking down everything at 25 percent off. Lower hotel prices complement the favorable exchange rate, making a trip to the Canadian Rockies, the historic Atlantic coast and even the cosmopolitan cities of Toronto and Montreal a smart... View Article

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Experience Your Own Backyard with a Quick Getaway

06 Jul 2016

Summer is beyond the halfway point. But you still haven’t taken a vacation. Or, perhaps the luster has worn off the spring break trip. You want to escape the doldrums of work, but aren’t sure what options exist. You’ve done Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. What’s out there that’s fun and exciting? The answer might be right under your feet. The United States – and... View Article

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10 Reasons That Cruising Is Good For You!

30 Jun 2016

Whether clearing the mind, resting your body, bonding with family or enjoying active pursuits is your goal, cruising is a great choice. 1. Great Value Planning a vacation is stressful enough, and staying on top of your budget and spending can be overwhelming. Keep yourself sane and book a cruise vacation with great value. For one price up front, your dining, accommodations, entertainment, and transportation... View Article

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Top 9 Reasons To Use An Acendas Travel Agent

22 Jun 2016

Here are our top 9 reasons to put your vacation planning into the hands of the professionals at Acendas Travel. 1) We Are Educated and Have Personal Experience Simply put, we know more than you. We can give you insider tips and advice, using our education and personal experience to guide your vacation decisions in a way that provides you with the best vacation possible... View Article

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Norwegian Dawn Sets Sail For Bermuda As A New Ship

20 Jun 2016

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that renovations are now complete on Norwegian Dawn, following a month-long drydock that was part of the cruise line’s The Norwegian Edge $400 million fleet enhancement project. Norwegian Dawn Renovations Norwegian Cruise Line’s ship returns to Boston for the summer season after an extensive month-long renovation that virtually rebuilt the vessel, adding new restaurants, bars and lounges, updated design and... View Article

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Luxury in the Desert at Hacienda del Sol

15 Jun 2016

While Tucson, Arizona might not immediately rank at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list, this oasis in the desert, with it’s sunny days, extravagant skies and lingering sunsets, offers a haven to the world weary in an original and unpretentious way. The City of Tuscon Tucson is set in a valley of the Sonoran Desert surrounded by five mountain ranges. Majestic saguaros stand guard... View Article

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Destination Wedding

Wedding Bliss, Destination Style

13 Jun 2016

Looking to make that special day even more special? The marriage ceremony and related events are magical in themselves, but let your mind wander just a bit and envision the setting being a white sandy beach, a majestic mountainside or a picturesque valley. It might sound dreamy, but these venues can become a reality with the help of Acendas Vacations travel advisors. Over the past... View Article

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Taking Time Off is Good Business

01 Jun 2016

Americans are gluttons for punishment — and we have only ourselves to blame. Recently, CBS News reported that workers skipped 169 million days of paid time off according to the U.S. Travel Association. The study, executed by Oxford Economics determined the economic value of those days was $52.4 million, with each vacation day equal to $504 per employee. It is likely we’ll see similar —... View Article

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