“Good things come in small packages.”

20 Apr 2022

At Acendas Vacations, we believe that travel can come in many shapes and sizes. And while we love the grandiose resorts, we understand that certain moments in life call for a more intimate setting – a time dedicated to cultivating a sense of closeness to both the destination and those traveling alongside you. If you are searching for such an experience, we invite you to consider... View Article

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Best Tips for a Great Alaskan Experience

11 Mar 2022

  We all have a unique and diverse bucket list when it comes to travel. But one place seems to be on just about everyone’s bucket list. It should come as no surprise that it’s none other than glorious Alaska. Whether you’re looking to wade knee-deep in a river salmon fishing or experience the glaciers from the deck of your cabin, everyone seems to have... View Article

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Our Travel Advisors Share Their Favorite Destinations

08 Feb 2022

What’s your favorite vacation destination? For some people, that’s an easy question. Others may need time to reflect, compare the pros and cons, and narrow it down to just one favorite. And some haven’t yet found it (though we’ll bet they’re having fun as they seek it out).  But what exactly makes a destination worthy of being a favorite? At Acendas Vacations, we’ve heard a... View Article

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The Pocket Travel App – Boosting Happiness One Download at a Time!

06 Jan 2022

When does your vacation begin? Once you’ve passed security, settled into your seat, and the aircraft doors have closed? Or is it when you check in to your hotel room? More than likely, the experience begins long before that. According to a 2019 study published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life about the connection between anticipation and happiness, it was revealed that... View Article

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The Value of a Travel Advisor: Knowledge is Power

16 Dec 2021

We’ve all been there – you wake up to a small, seemingly minor health ailment. Against your better judgment, you find yourself on WebMD.com, investigating every possible reason. Before you know it, you’ve spent two hours researching the potentially life-threatening causes of a sore throat, and you’re left wondering if you should rush to the emergency room. If we have learned anything in the wake... View Article

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All-inclusive Resorts: How to Pick the Right One for You

18 Nov 2021

It’s a question that gets asked often: What is an all-inclusive resort, exactly? On the surface, the answer is simple. All-inclusive resorts are properties in vacation destinations where most of the main elements of the trip are pre-paid. However, not all all-inclusive resorts are the same, and some packages include more things than others.  All-inclusive resorts are mostly found in Mexico and specific islands in... View Article

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Exploring the Sea with Tiny Shipmates

19 Oct 2021

    One of the greatest lies ever told is to travel before having kids – as you won’t be able to enjoy it once the little ones come along. While it is true that traveling as a family has its challenges, cruise liners are breaking the stigma, creating all-inclusive vacations that check the box on everyone’s wish list, regardless of age or interests. Read... View Article

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A World of Difference: European River Cruising vs. Ocean Cruising

17 Sep 2021

    European cruising is something that many travelers love to do. But finding the perfect cruise depends on many things, including your budget, travel style, desired locations, and most importantly – what you want to see and do. While ocean and river cruises both involve cruising the waters, they are as opposite as booking a sprawling beach resort in Greece and booking a boutique... View Article

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Italy: Ready and Waiting for You!

21 Jun 2021

  There is no longer a need to sit on the sidelines. Italy is open and ready to serve travelers longing to visit one of the most popular destinations on the globe. Food, wine, architecture, geography, art and more provoke the senses unlike any other. Thanks to Covid-19 tested flights from Delta Air Lines, you can experience the culture and customs of Italy now. Our... View Article

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Appreciating the Sound of Joy

05 May 2021

We won’t deny it. Acendas Travel vacation advisors are enjoying their telephone conversations much more now than they did this same time last year. While they certainly find it more fulfilling booking travel than cancelling it, their true joy comes in hearing the happiness in the voices of clients ready to explore the world. Indeed, it is appropriate that May is Travel Agent Appreciation Month.... View Article

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