Escape to Paradise

02 Sep 2020

By Jeff Bollig — Thomas Helbig loves his hometown of St. Louis, but every once in a while, he feels the need to get away. After hunkering down for months during pandemic, it was time for Helbig to seek a change of scenery. So, on the advice of his brother, he contacted Acendas Travel Advisor Maisoon Barghouty. Usually, his trips are domestic – New York,... View Article

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Jumping in with Both Feet

19 Aug 2020

By Jeff Bollig — In June, Acendas Travel President Brent Blake dipped his toe in the water by taking a quick, two-day trip from Kansas City to Minneapolis. His goal was to experience the parking shuttle, airport, airplane, rental car,.hotel and restaurant experiences. All-in-all, he found his exploration to be better than he expected. According to Blake, the various aspects of the trip emphasized safety... View Article

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On the Spur of the Moment

10 Aug 2020

Mark and Kayla Ecker put off an anniversary trip in January. The news of the Coronavirus made them think twice. They thought it would only be a short delay and then they would be off to the beach for some sun and fun. But the days turned into weeks and then into months. Finally, they were ready. They needed a vacation and they needed it... View Article

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Sioux Falls-based Travel Partners rebrands to Acendas Travel

01 Jul 2020

Travel Partners, a staple in the Sioux Falls business community is changing its name, but the people who have been part of the award-winning travel agency are staying put. After 20 years operating as Travel Partners, today it takes the name of Acendas Travel. A full service travel agency headquartered in Kansas City since 1982, Acendas Travel acquired Travel Partners, June 25, 2018. In addition... View Article

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St. Louis-based Gwin’s Travel rebrands to Acendas Travel

29 May 2020

St. Louis-based Gwin’s Travel rebrands to Acendas Travel Mission, Kan. – The award-winning services remain the same, but the name Gwin’s Travel has changed. After 41 years operating as Gwin’s Travel, today it takes the name of Acendas Travel. A full service travel agency headquartered in Kansas City since 1982, Acendas Travel acquired Gwin’s Travel in December 2018. In addition to Kansas City and now... View Article

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“Can’t Wait to Say Wheels Up”

23 Mar 2020

Brent Blake President, Acendas Travel When everyone is sharing in the pain of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a futile exercise to say one group is challenged more than another—especially when we are relatively early in the battle and tough times remain. However, I do use this opportunity to express my appreciation for our nation’s healthcare community for the extraordinary efforts it is making to... View Article

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Acendas Travel Coronavirus Update

13 Feb 2020

By Jeff Bollig — Acendas Travel closely monitors issues affecting travel and receives timely updates through its various leisure travel partners and its membership in the Signature Travel Network. We always recommend that travelers consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website ( for the latest information on any health, safety and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S. The travel industry takes... View Article

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14 Jan 2020

by Jeff Bollig — Business strategist Seth Godin warns us not to get caught up in the beginning of the year trap of setting resolutions to follow. He says they regularly fail because resolve is often in short supply. Rather, he says we should use the start of 2020 to be a turning point in our lives. It is a chance to make a reset... View Article

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Colleen Campanella Succeeds through Her Creativity

12 Dec 2019

by Jeff Bollig — As a travel advisor, Colleen Campanella has traveled extensively. But truth be told, she’s really traveled even more than that. “I live vicariously through my clients,” Campanella says. “Where they go, I go. I just love working with my clients in planning their vacations. I get so excited with the process. It’s like working a puzzle and putting all the pieces... View Article

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The Best of Both Worlds with the Norwegian Cruise Line Haven Class

30 Oct 2019

by Jeff Bollig — Who says you can’t have it all? Norwegian Cruise Lines is testing that theory with The Haven. Located at the top of 11 NCL vessels, this class offers spacious suites, exclusive venues, special services and amenities and privileges fit for a king and queen. And, by booking The Haven, you also have access to all the ship has to offer.  As... View Article

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