Pandora – The World of Avatar Opens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

10 Feb 2017

Beginning on May 27, 2017, Disney’s Animal Kingdom park will introduce the latest member of the Disney Parks family: Pandora – The World of AVATAR! Featuring magnificent floating mountains and an iconic nighttime jungle filled with bioluminescent flora, this sprawling new land includes innovative expeditions, along with themed dining and shopping opportunities.

The 12-acre land is based on Pandora, the mythical world from James Cameron’s box-office hit Avatar- which currently is filming the first of four sequels.

Set across a massive and immersive landscape, Pandora – The World of AVATAR will surround you in the planet’s beauty-especially at night when the land comes to life with a glow, adding a truly magical quality to every Pandoran adventure!

The Valley of Mo’ara

The Valley of Mo’ara is where your discovery and exploration of Pandora begins.

It’s where the land is an adventure unto itself. Where you don’t climb over mountains-you hike under them. It’s where the night sky comes alive with a bioluminescent glow. It’s where you’ll experience the start of a jaw-dropping, “I’ll-be-talking-about-it-for-years” type of adventure.

Within Pandora awaits a duo of never-before-experienced expeditions for you to discover.

AVATAR Flight of Passage 

In this expedition, you’ll experience the vast natural world of Pandora in all of its glory-from the air, on the back of a mountain banshee.

With extraordinary effects designed to stir your senses, AVATAR Flight of Passage offers the ride of a lifetime over a world similar to Earth… yet different beyond imagination. Soaring through ancient stone arches, under floating mountains and over the lush landscape, this expedition is an experience like no other.

Na’vi River Journey

On this all-new expedition, the voyage begins as you venture down a mysterious, sacred river that flows through the bioluminescent rainforest.

Here, the full beauty of Pandora reveals itself as you pass by glowing plants and unforgettable creatures. The journey culminates in an encounter with a Na’vi shaman, who has a deep connection to the life force of Pandora and sends positive energy out into the forest through her music.

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