Professional Travel Advising: A Rough Life, But Someone Has To Do It!

21 Jan 2016

joann and kim.jpg

Acendas Travel Advisors JoAnn Stover and Kim Shannon recently inspected several resorts in Jamaica

Most Acendas advisors have been planning travel for over 25 years, having studied and personally experienced their top specialty destinations in-depth.

Visit here to get to know our team. Learn who has actually taken an around the world trip (hint: it’s Ken). Learn who just moved back to Kansas after spending eight years as a travel advisor in Australia (hint: it’s Christen). Learn who is intimately familiar with all of the Disney resorts around the world, including Disney Tokyo (hint: it’s Cheryl).

Why Work with a an Acendas Travel Agent?

Interested in knowing the very latest information on travel to Europe? Acendas has travel advisors who have just returned from cruising the Danube River, taking the Eurostar from London to Paris, wandering the canals of Venice and cruising the Mediterranean.

Looking for the perfect all-inclusive family or couples resort in Mexico or the Caribbean? The Acendas team makes regular familiarization trips to inspect dozens of properties, looking in detail at the beaches, rooms and restaurants. They also check out the many family and adventure options in each area. If that means they have to snorkel, spelunk, zipline, four-wheel, mountain hike and then finish their day soaking in a natural hot springs, then so be it!


Christen Battenfield spelunking in a cave in Belize with G Adventures (she’s second from the left)

Additional recent explorations by our team of professional travel advisors display the amazing breadth of world travel experience that they bring to the table. Our Exotic and Adventure Travel Advisor Christen Battenfield just returned from spelunking and snorkeling in Belize (view photos of her trip here). Director of Vendor Relations Cynthia Riggins, stretched her travel portfolio with a river cruise through Myanmar. Luxury Travel Advisor Ken Milans went island hopping in the South Pacific, checking out the variety of overwater accommodations and learning the unique attributes of several islands. Kathy Sudeikis took her first trip to China and returned absolutely smitten with not only the fascinating historic sites, but the wide range of luxury hotels available.

Whether a simple trip to the beach or a complex journey through Asia, Acendas professional travel advisors will take your dream and make it a reality. They will thoroughly get to know your likes, your needs and your desires. Using combined and individual storehouses of knowledge, they will endeavor to craft the perfect travel experience, customized for you.

Located in the suburbs of Kansas City, Acendas Travel has been serving the vacation and corporate travel needs of clients for almost 35 years. Formerly known as “All About Travel,” Acendas Travel has additional offices in the Minneapolis area and travel advisors working all over the country, making it one of the largest travel providers in the United States.