Top Tips to Make Your Travel Easier and more Enjoyable

02 Apr 2018

By Jeff Bollig —

Travel is a wonderful experience, exposing people to geographies, lifestyles and cultures.

But if you have not planned ahead and prepared for your trip, there can be challenges that might make life more difficult. Recently, Acendas Travel Vice Preisident Kathy Sudeikis discussed various issues to consider in preparing for a trip and when traveling. A video of that conversation can be watched here.

Travel Insurance

Sudeikis touches upon the importance of travel insurance, noting that situations arise when you need to protect your investment or get medical attention that might not be covered by one’s standard policy.Travelers should discuss with their agent the policy that best fits them.


In terms of scheduling trips, Sudeikis says it is important to get the school calendar as soon as possible to plan trips for the holidays, spring breaks or children flying home from school. Knowing the calendar can help one save money and uncover opportunities to travel. For example, teacher in service days might allow for a quick Disney vacation or to the Caribbean or Mexico.

Using a Travel Agent

The bottom line, says Sudeikis, is to plan your trip with a professional travel agent who is knowledgeable and experienced. They can help you avoid any pitfalls and allow you to enjoy your vacation with no worries in the world.