Video: The Amazing Galapagos Islands

27 Apr 2018

by Jeff Bollig —

If you have been there and done that, then perhaps you should consider adding some adventure to your life.

Travel to exotic areas of the world unveils new experiences, cultures and geographies. It satisfies the urges of curiosity, the thirst for knowledge and desire to expand one’s universe.

One such destination is The Galapagos Islands. Located 500 miles west of Ecuador along the Equator, this group of islands is “truly magical,” says Acendas Travel advisor Mollie Bechtold. It offers a natural beauty that can be experienced through a hike, snorkeling, diving or a small boat ride. Pair the experience with a few nights in Quito, Ecuador, then you truly have the trip of the lifetime.

To learn more about what a trip to The Galapagos offers, watch the latest installment of Viewpoints with Acendas Travel, where Bechtold and Acendas Travel advisor JoAnne Weeks detail the experience.