Wedding Bliss, Destination Style

13 Jun 2016

Looking to make that special day even more special?

The marriage ceremony and related events are magical in themselves, but let your mind wander just a bit and envision the setting being a white sandy beach, a majestic mountainside or a picturesque valley.

It might sound dreamy, but these venues can become a reality with the help of Acendas Vacations travel advisors. Over the past decade, destination weddings have grown in popularity as the bride and groom look to make the exchange of vows a truly memorable experience. And while heading to Mexico or the Caribbean for a wedding might seem like a major undertaking, it is relatively easy with the right people providing support.

Expert Destination Wedding Support

Kim Shannon and JoAnn Stover have more than 40 years combined in the travel industry and have as one of their specialties, destination weddings. Through their experience, relationships with resort properties and connections to local planners, they can lift the burden of sweating the details from the bride, groom, and families.

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“When you plan a wedding in your hometown, everything is right there in front of you,” Stover says. “You are always thinking about it. But with the destination wedding, you tell us what you want and we make the plans and connections.”

For the best availability in planning a destination wedding is to make contact with the agent at least one year out from the event. That contact is important Shannon says because agents can advise on the best options depending on budget, the scope of the event, location and number in travel party. “This is an important event in the life of the couple and their families,” Shannon says. “Our job is to help make it go off without a hitch.”

Shannon and Stover encourage the use of an advisor because the requirements of the host country and property can vary. Blood tests might be required in some countries. Resorts might require a minimum stay by the wedding party and/or guests in order to get special rates. This ounce of prevention can certainly be worth more than a pound of cure.

“I haven’t had anyone return from a destination wedding and regret it,” Shannon says. “They may not be for everyone, but for the right situation they are truly a wonderful experience.”

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