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Daniella Stich is a native South Dakotan, and while she loves her home state, she enjoys sending people away on journeys, both near and far.

She began her career as a phlebotomist, but the travel bug hit her and she became an agent, joining Travel Partners in May 2011. She’s never looked back as she has definitely found her niche.

Thus far, Daniella has traveled to California, Florida, New York, Cabo, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Maya in Mexico, the Bahamas, Jamaica and Costa Rica. Her most memorable experience while traveling was Zip Lining through the Rain Forest in Costa Rica. Feel free to ask her about that!

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They (Daniella) put everything together so nicely and really care that you have a great trip!
--Karmen Schneider
Daniella is ALWAYS so great to work with! So professional and always so helpful
--Kim and Robin Beers
"Daniella, thank you and Mary Jo for helping with the delayed plane and changing things around! You guys were wonderful! We were in a plane full of people here in Sioux Falls trying to re-do their flights and connect on other airlines! I was very happy to not be one of them! We will definitely be sticking with you!"